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Becoming A Leader


'Becoming a leader is not a quick and easy path that you learn in a weekend seminar or a single subject course. Leadership concepts can be taught in a classroom, but true leadership can only be learned while leading in the real world. Anything that tells you otherwise, is not taking into account all of the factors of leadership on the long term. 

To become a leader who can lead anywhere, at any time towards any rational goal, you have to hone a very wide range of skills. And then practice them over and over with successes and sometimes failures until you have the confidence to know that you can spot a worthwhile goal hidden between the trappings of the modern world and then can either take over an existing team or build a new team that will get there no matter what comes between you and your goal. Anything less, is not a fully prepared leader. History is filled with the collapses that followed behind the partially prepared leaders, fake leaders and full blown imposters. 

Not everyone wants to be a leader and that is ok. For those of you who do, you will need a few things to be able to make it. 

1) A true desire to lead towards rational goals

2) The ability to care about people

3) The ability to persist. 

4) Someone to help you to hone your skills as a leader until you have unshakeable confidence

If you have the first three things on this list and are willing to build on them even more - then we can help you to become a true leader of any group, anywhere at any time.' - Capt. Scott

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