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Who We Are

We are a very unusual leadership program in that we balance the toughness required to lead in the modern world with the care that is required to keep your team moving in the long term. A major part of succeeding as a leader is understanding your team. We teach you to evaluate your team members to find their true potential to get things done as well as their potential to expand within your team, so that you can match them correctly to the tasks that you team will encounter on the way to the final goals. We teach you how to communicate with your team effectively and how to measure your success so that you know when to adjust the path and when to let things roll along. 

We do our entire leadership program on an internship basis where you are learning skills and enhancing abilities in a hands on format. It is a real life program so that you don't go home with a false idea of the world that you are in but are prepared for a fast paced world that sometimes forces your project to slow down. You will have faced a wide range of challenges and be well prepared to confidently go home to build your own team and reach your goals.   

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